Supply Chain Management - National Certificate

Course Overview

This program is developed to engage the learner in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain environment. It aims to improve supply chain management within the organization and assists learners in adding value by creating good customer relations, assessing risks and applying professional ethics.

The purpose of this program is to equip the individual with wide-ranging intellectual competencies and industry-related skills required within the supply chain including:

  • Analyzing and applying management practices within the supply chain
  • Managing relationships between supply chain partners
  • Establishing a competitive supply chain infrastructure
  • Applying professional values and ethics in the operational environment
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Preparing products for transportation
  • Managing the return of goods and warehousing
  • Designing a distribution network
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the key issues important for compliance with corporate governance principles and social responsibility

Course Content

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the supply chain management environment within an organisation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of performance and risk within a supply chain management environment
  • Contribute to the development of a supply chain strategy and operational plans for the organisation
  • Manage the execution of a supply chain strategy for the organisation
  • Analyse the fundamentals of international trade Use a variety of tools and methods to facilitate the site location decision
  • Design an effective and competitive logistics system
  • Implement a supply chain performance management system

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Data sheet

Language Available
12 Months
Presentation Type
Face to Face
Programme Type
Category C
Contact Days
49 - 76 Days
Grade 12 Qualification
Training Options
On the client’s site or on the College site
Minimum Learners Required
Two (2) on Client Site or One (1) on the college site
Qualification ID
SAQA ID 74149
NQF Level
150 Credits


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management - National Certificate

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