Construction Plant Operations - National Certificate

Course Overview

The Civil Construction Industry is primarily engaged in the civil engineering work on infrastructure related projects covering such diverse fields as roads, bridgeworks, railways, harbours, sewerage and drainage, electrical infrastructure, pipelines and recreation works. There is a rising demand for qualified plant and machinery operators. Increasingly, contractors are demanding evidence of competence to nationally recognised standards.Rising customer expectations at all levels are driving up standards in plant and machinery operations and fuelling the demand for proven competence through qualifications.

This Qualification has been developed to serve this established function for the Construction Plant occupational area within the Civil Engineering and Construction Industry. The rationale for the introduction of a NQF Level 2, unit standards-based Qualification in Construction Operations is to provide a Qualification for persons who perform construction plant activities on Civil Engineering and Construction sites, whether in micro, small, medium or large operations.

Course Objective

Qualifying learners will be capable of:

  • Applying health and safety principles in plant operations.
  • Understanding plant operations in the construction environment.
  • Performing plant operation related functions.
  • Adhering to plant operation personnel procedures.
  • Understanding mechanical and leverage principles to operate earthmoving, transport and/or ancillary plant.

Course Content

  • Erect and dismantle prefabricated aluminium alloy scaffolding
  • Demonstrate ability to participate effectively in a team or group
  • Illuminate an area using a lighting plant Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan
  • Lift and move material and equipment by means of a forklift
  • Operate a backhoe/loader, operate a continuous bucket trencher
  • Operate a dragline, operate a face shovel, operate a front-end loader Operate a grader
  • Operate a hot mix asphalt paving machine, operate a milling machine
  • Operate a paving screed, operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP
  • Operate a rigid body dump truck, operate a roller, operate a scraper,operate a service truck
  • Operate a Side-boom, operate a skid steer loader, operate a tip truck
  • Operate a tracked dozer, operate a tractor, operate a water cart, operate a wheeled dozer
  • Operate an articulated dump truck, operate an excavator, operate bitumen spray equipment
  • Work in a team, bar down loose rocks using appropriate equipment, demonstrate an understanding of the preparation of the item for hire
  • Grade to final levels using a motor grader, interact with customer to provide a complete hire service
  • Receive and store new stock for hire, receive and store returned hired stock

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Data sheet

Language Available
12 Months
Presentation Type
Face to Face
Programme Type
Category C
Contact Days
35 – 40 Days
National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
Training Options
Three (3) on client’s site or Three (3) at the college in Pretoria
Minimum Learners Required
Three (3) on the client’s site or Three (3) at the college
Qualification ID
SAQA ID 65789
NQF Level
120 Credits


Plant Operations

National Certificate - Construction - Plant Operations

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