Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Diploma

Course Overview

This practical program will prepare you for an exciting career in logistics and supply chain management. Improve your prospects of career advancement by using this program as a foundation for further studies in this fast growing field.

This program will equip you to critically analyze, interpret and understand logistics and supply chain principles, processes and procedures such as:

  • Applying planning as a management function within a dynamic environment
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the basic principles of economics and the economy
  • Identifying the various types of business communication in the logistics and supply chain environment
  • Applying the principles of logistics management
  • Explaining and applying transport economic, management and regulatory concepts and principles

Course Content

1st Year

  • Business Management 1
  • Economics 1
  • Logistics Business Communication
  • Logistics Management 1
  • Transport Economics 1
  • Supply Chain Management 1

2nd Year

  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Management 2
  • Logistics Management 2
  • Transport Economics 2
  • Work Integral Learning 1
  • Marketing Management 2
  • Procurement Management

3rd Year

  • Financial Management 2
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Systems 1
  • Logistics Management 3
  • Supply Chain Management 2
  • Work Integral Learning 2
  • Procurement Management
  • Marketing Management 2

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Data sheet

Language Available
12 Months
Presentation Type
Face to Face
Programme Type
Category C
Contact Days
30 Days
Grade 12 Qualification
Training Options
On the client’s site or on the College site
Minimum Learners Required
Two (2) on Client Site or One (1) on the college site
Qualification ID
SAQA ID 85028
NQF Level
244 Credits


Logistics & Supply Chain Mng

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Diploma

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